Why Work with us ?
( Raising Capital )

For Start ups and SMEs

  • Free Listings for Capital Seekers
  • We accept Start-ups
  • We seek Capital where others don’t – International Markets
  • We are able to introduce our clients to relevant service providers ( grant consultants, gov. agencies, start up incubators etc..)

Why Work with us ?
( Investors )

For International & HNW Investors, Immigration Agents, Micro-funds, & Angels )
  • Access to Australian Consumer Markets via M&A
  • TAX Offsets (credits), generated by ESIC qualified equity offers
  • Residency Visas leading to Citizenship via 132 and SIV
  • Innovative Australian Technology Acquisitions / Master Licensing
  • Access to Australian Capital Market IPOs

Our Story

Our corporate story begins in 2001, with our founder’s roots stemming from investment banking, as well as the entrepreneurial side.

We are in a specific capital raising market niche - specialising in acquiring international investors only.

We can be successful where others have failed, because often goals that drive international investors are not the same as domestic ones.